Why Politicians Always Kick Problems Down The Road

Flaws Of Western (Feudal) Democracy

Do You Ever Ask Yourself:

Why Do Politicians Remain Calm When Their Nation Is Facing Financial Armageddon?


Why Do Politicians Always Kick ‘The Can’ Down The Road?


original: 10th July 2012
updated: 13th March 2014 (re-edited, and new paragraph)


(new paragraphs – added near the bottom of document)

The British NHS Giveaway



The reason for writing this series of political articles is to highlight flaws in our Feudal Democracy political system (#ShamDemocracy) and to also show the changes required to improve the future of politics. Every one of you reading these articles (blogs) need to start questioning the political system under which you are oppressed.

It is necessary and proper to make citizens aware of the swindling and corruption within present so-called democracies – many blogs, and alternative satellite stations do that (the scandal sheets) – but what is even more important is to pinpoint the failings in the political system itself which CAUSED and ALLOWED the political situation to become so criminal and dysfunctional – to the detriment of the citizens. If the political system itself is not changed these failings will continue for generations.


Fundamental Flaw Of Feudal Democracy – Temporary Decision Makers

Democracy or, in truth, this feudal democracy – this sham democracy – we are oppressed by, has only been in place in its present form in most Nations in the West, the USA, Australia etc, for a short while; two hundred years and, in many cases, a lot less. It, as such, is an uncontrolled and for the most part an un-designed experiment, and there is no doubt about it, after a short (historically speaking) period of time it has shown itself as being a thorough failure as regards ensuring the wellbeing and freedom of the citizens – those whom it promises to protect.

Feudal Democracy is a hierarchical political system where the elite, at the top, rule the citizens. They also control and waste the wealth created by those at the bottom. They  make the decisions regardless of the negative effects these have upon those at the bottom; and the peasant citizens, at the bottom, have no real say at all, even during elections.

One of the most fundamental flaws with the present system is a simple one. Those at the top – the politicians – our feudal lords, are in positions of authority. These positions are temporary. Despite the fact that every citizen knows this to be the case, they unquestioningly accept it because the nature of the herd instinct accepts the status quo, as if the political arrangement in place was the only rational method of political organisation.

The temporary nature of the political appointments in government is a flaw of such proportions that there is one political and financial truth which cannot be altered without altering the political system itself – ALL feudal democracies will eventually fail.

And why? Because the political system ENCOURAGES politicians to kick the can down the road, and like a snowball which may start as a controllable small object, even on a slope, after awhile can become so large that it becomes unmanageable, out of control and unstoppable.

This political power arrangement suits the politicians extremely well but is devasting to the wellbeing of the citizens, in the long run. Let me explain.In an election the citizens hand over THEIR political authority to a handful of individuals (politicians) on the understanding that these politicians will make decisions which will be for the benefit of the citizens. There is no other logical reason why citizens would hand over their power if this wasn’t the promise – and expected outcome. (This actually shows how irrational Feudal Democracy is because we all know FOR A FACT that the politicians do NOT make decisions which are for the benefit of the citizens!)

Temporary Short Term Decisions – Temporary Short Term Success

So let’s take an imaginery situation where a politician gets into government, is appointed to a ministerial position and becomes Finance Minister (Chancellor of the Exchequer, or the US equivalent). At present (2013) in the UK his name is George Osborne.

His goal is to make things ‘look’ good during his time in office. In some cases that may mean he puts into place regulations which eventually will have a negative impact on each and every citizens of the UK, when the decision comes to ‘fruition’.

It would be ridiculous to expect Osborne to be worried about what the result of his decisions will be in 20 years time, or in 40 years time. He is in office for the next 3 or 4 years and THAT IS ALL THAT COUNTS as far as he is concerned. He will not be affected by his decisions – no matter how destructive they are in the long run. He will be out of office and retired by then – and most likely be working for some international bank or financial institution and reaping the rewards for his care and  attention he showed towards these companies.

It would also be ridiculous to expect him to make decisions which would have very positive outcomes in the long term but have a negative impact in the short term – while he is Chancellor of the Exchequer. He would – in effect – be purposefully making things difficult for himself.

If it so happens that he is returned to the government and even to the same position as Chancellor of the Exchequer, all he has to do, if some of his previous decisions are coming to fruition – home to roost – is to delay the problem – to kick them down the road for another 5 years, until the next Chancellow of the Exchequer is faced with the dilemma of how be is going to kick the can down the road for another 5 years.

The goal of these politicians is not SOLVING problems – it is getting the problems out of the way so the NEXT political appointee will have to deal with it. In effect the political system is about delaying the confronting of any problem until the present politicians is out of office and the next politician is faced with the puzzle of how to cover it up and delay it for another 5 year period.

The ingrained flaw in Feudcal Democracies is that these politicians who make the decisions are never directly negavtively effected by the results of their decisions, either when caused by stupidity, which abounds in politics, or when caused by downright blatant political and financial corruption. These elite politicians who make these destructive decisions (destructive for the citizens) are protected – by the system itself. They are sheltered from the havoc they themselves create – by kicking the can down the road, for another few years.

The Citizens (Victims) Have No Say

In a Feudal Democracy, the people who ARE effected, especially when those decisions are incorrect (usually based on corruption), are the citizens, those masses at the bottom of the feudal hierarchical ladder who have no say whatsoever in those decisions and how they are made.

This political arrangement turns out to be the worse form of political organisation one could devise; the worst kind for the citizens, that is. Of course, on the other hand, it is an ideal political system for those at the top – they never pay for their mistakes, and are replaced by the next generation of incompetent and corrupt politicians.

Not only are there no regulations or controls in place to ensure, as much as could be practical and possible, that the politicians make good decisions – for the benefit of citizens, but rather the organisation and circumstances of Feudal Democracy often encourage, or even dictate, that incorrect decisions will be made in the short term for personal political gains for the politicians – and their associates.

Why Do Politicians Remain Calm When Facing Financial Armageddon?

Firstly, THEY are not facing financial Armageddon – it is the citizens who are! The politicians know that their corrupt decisions will ultimately NEVER affect THEM. The pain and catastrophe surrounding the financial Armageddon of these Nations is what happens to the lowest caste in the political system – the citizens. In the long term, the politicians are protected, as always – by the system itself – for they will have left the political scene when the negative results start to develop as a consequence of those short term decisions.

In 2013, Osborne is attempting to start another property bubble in the UK. If he is successful the property prices will rise and will make it look like there is prosperity. The financial sector will make more profit. Everything will APPEAR rosy and positive and improving. Or should I say everything will TEMPORARILY appear rosy etc. He will be able to beam at the tv cameras and say – ‘look at what I have achieved – I’ve improved things’. He will be very aware that the bubble won’t burst for 4 or more years, when he will be safe from the financial destruction the bursting bubble will cause.

It is not only the UK which suffers from the dysfunctionaliey of Feudal Democracy. In Ireland, for example, the politicians (and others) who had a major hand in the financial destruction of this Nation have all now retired and are getting enormous pensions. Their treacherous behaviour towards the Nation has heaped trouble and financial destruction on the citizens of Ireland and yet these elite merely walk away from the financial car crash they had a direct hand in and retire with their pensions – paid for by the citizen victims. THEIR mistakes and THEIR errors do not affect them – not in the slightest. They are the elite – they are protected from the pain of their own mistakes. Feudal Democracy protects the politically corrupt.

I would also presume that the Greek politicians, from the last few decades, are also in retirement with large pensions. Sarkosy won’t have any money worries. The politicians previously in the Spanish government will all be retiring gracefully with large pensions. Tony Blair is making millions! Likewise the Portuguese, the Cypriot, the Japanese, the Australian, the American, the French, the Italian – all these politicians who created and in many cases promoted the financial snowball to grow and become so destructive – they will all retire on large pensions, untouched by the chaos they have been a part of.

Jean-Claude Trichet doesn’t have money worries. Soon enough Angela Merkel, Mario Draghi, and all those who now make decisions which will soon bankrupt generations of citizens of Europe will all be exiting the political stage with large pensions leaving behind them a devastation of insurmountable financial debts.

ALL those at the top of the feudal hierarchy – the politicians, the senior public servants, the bankers, the advisers, the economists – they will all retire on very generous pensions. So what if they make incorrect decisions? It will not affect THEM. Why should they care at all? It is of NO CONSEQUENCE to them.

Irrational Decision-Making Process

In fact if you analyse the decision-making process within Feudal Democracy it is plain to see, though unfortunately most citizens seem incapable of seeing this simple truth, that decisions based on short term temporary glossing over of problems, which in effect, is the aforesaid kicking the cans down the road, while giving the appearance of successfully dealing with the problem (in reality only superficially putting a temporary gloss on the crumbling situation), suit the politicians who are in temporary positions of power. That is why Feudal Democracy will always fail.

All they ever want to do is to ensure that they have an easy time – for themselves – during their short temporary appointment in government, so they can say ‘things were ok when we were in power, it’s the other crowd who messed things up!”. Their primary concern is to ensure the political, financial and social chaos takes place when they are gone from office. The last thing they will do is make a decision which, though benefitting the citizens in the long run, would have negative repercussions for themselves, or their associates, while in office.

Added to this is the possibile realisation, in the minds of the politicians making the wrong decisions, that the politicians who will have to face the result of these incorrect decisions will be politicians from the ‘other party’ – the opposition. Not only will it make things more awkward for the future politicians but will, in effect, possibly make it appear as if the problems were caused by the opposition politicians rather than the politicians who were previously in government.

Unbelievably, in effect, the decisions which in most cases would benefit the citizens  is opposite to and inconsistent with the decisions which would benefit the politicians, and vice versa. Every citizen reading this needs to think about that. In fact, every citizens – EVERYWHERE – needs to think about that.


Example: Quantitative Easing
The act of robbing future generations of citizens, aka Quantitative Easing, is not in place for the benefit of the citizens but rather, it keeps pumping money into bankrupt banks to prevent them from collapsing – in the short term. The enormous debts are growing exponentially day after day and the financial destruction will be the inevitable long term effect of these decisions.

But FUTURE descruction is not a realistic and immediate problem for today’s politicians – that will be SOMEONE ELSE’S problem in the future – other politicians’, apart from being the citizens’ constant future problem. Today’s politicians will be gone from their temporary positions and will have retired when the financial snowball comes crashing down.

I actually use the term Rogue Trader Syndrome to describe Quantitative Easing – it is the same irrational thought process involved – keep increasing the amount gambled in the hope that some (impossible) enormous win in the future will be so large as to  be able to cancel out all the previous losses. Yes – it IS that mad! Frighteningly so.

Example: National Budgets
Most, if not all, national budgets are in the same category of short term planning. Politicians and governments will usually try and borrow as much as they can to make it appear as if the financial situation is better, and even improving, under the present government than they actually are. In reality they are actually amassing more and more debt for future generations of downtrodden citizens to repay – thus ensuring WORSE economic conditions in the future.

Just look at the National debts, over the years, of Ireland, Spain, Italy, the US, the UK, France, Italy etc and it is easy to see that while politicians are in a position to borrow, no matter how reckless and destructive that borrowing is, they will do so. Citizens of future generations will have the problem with the repayments and the extra taxes etc. It is an irrelevance to the present politicians. It is not, and will never be, THEIR problem.

Why should any government bother about a deficit – it will not be their future problem. They just don’t care! Why should they care? Feudal Democracy guarantees a growing deficit – the system ENCOURAGES it.

Example: Public Sector Costs
One example in Ireland is the recognised reluctance on behalf of the governments, time after time, to tackle the ever growing costs of the Public Sector pay (Civil Service etc) and so decade after decade the cost of running this service has grown and grown. No government will stand up to the Public Sector unions, they don’t want the inconvenience of a confrontation, and so the pay rates and conditions of employment have increased to a point where those in the medium to higher appointed positions in the Public Service have become an elite section of Irish society, with pay and conditions (including pensions) which are far beyond those in the Private Sector, and off the scale when compared to the pay and conditions of the ordinary citizen who has to pay for all this State generosity.

But no government will bother to tackle that problem as they don’t want any  confrontation with Civil Service unions and their threat to close down the system, and so they leave it for the next government to sort out  (usually the ‘opposition’) – let them deal with it – with the result that it is never dealt with and so the citizens pay more and more and the Nation has to borrow more and more.

Example: Private Finance Initiative (PFI)
In Britain during the Conservative and then Labour governments under Tony Blair, PFI schemes were put in place whereby hospitals were built, and to be operated using funds from the Private Sector. In effect it is ‘public’ services provided by the Private Sector which will be repaid over time – well into the future, taking funds away for future services, in many cases ending up being more expensive than if originally provided by the Public Sector.

This is a prime example of how politicians can put into place something which superficially may look very productive, positive, and good for the citizens – IN THE SHORT TERM – but which over time shows itself to be devastatingly destructive, financially and/or as regards services etc, but by the time this occurs – the true crippling nature of the costs – the politicians who conned the public are long gone into retirement – with their generous pensions.

The citizens are left with a shambles which, by then, is difficult or impossible to extricate themselves from without incurring even more costs, usually built into these deals, thereby ensuring subsequent continued wastage of Public Funds. The only people to gain are the Private Sector – friends and funders of the politicians who made the incorrect decisions, and possibly some of the politicians themselves who usually end up working for the financial institutions (not actually WORKING, just on the board of directors or similar, eg advisers, consultants – you know what I mean!).

Is Tony Blair bothered about the fact that in some cases the health service has been curtailed because of repayments to the Private Sector for these PFI ‘schemes’?  Not sure? Here’s the answer – he isn’t worried. Not in the slightest. It certainly suited him to kick the can down the road. He’s a millionaire now.

Example: The Glass-Steagle Act
This Act which prevented banks from speculating with savers’ money was repealed by President Clinton on the advice of the financial institutions. President Clinton preferred to look after the wishes of the banks rather than that of the citizens and savers. This helped in allowing the financial institutions planning a financial coup using financial fraud to increase their profits and partake in reckless financial processes.

It is the citizens – by the tens of millions – who are suffering hardship, while those financial institutions are rewarding their top executives with bonuses which are truly astonishing. So, what happened to President Clinton, was he punished – he is a millionaire now and HE has absolutely no worries about the future. The problems he directly caused will not effect him in the slightest.

This is how Feudal Democracy works – FOR THE ELITE.

Example: Fracking
At this stage it is fairly obvious that fracking destroys the local area where this occurs. Yet we see the US government determined not only to allow fracking to take place and even to help with the cover up of the negative aspects (on health, the local geoligical stability, and the contamination of the water table, the polution). The fracking lobby makes it worthwhile for politicians to disregard the destruction of the citizens’ environment.

In Britain and in Europe fracking is being promoted by the politicians. Who benefits? NOT THE CITIZENS.

In a Feudal Democracy the citizens are unimportant.

Example: The British NHS Giveaway


Why Do Politicians Make Decisions Which Are Destructive For The Future Wellbeing Of Citizens?
It seems that the Conservative/Liberal coalition government in Britain are determined to privatise the NHS (The National Health Service) which will end up in the long term making vast fortunes for the Financial Institutions and the Establishment but will mean reduced and more expensive services for the future generations of British citizens.

If this happened in a dictatorship it would be understandable but for this to happen in a so-called democracy is incredible. (Just goes to prove that these political systems are NOT democratic). The politicians, elected by the citizens, are making decisions which are going to be ruinous for the citizens and their descendants.

This demonstrates, if nothing else, that Feudal Democracy, where the citizens elect politicians who are not controlled by those same citizens, have the power to destroy the future of millions of citizens and the citizens themselves are powerless to do anything about it. All they can do is stand by and passively watch it happen. Protests may alter the matter but the fact is that the politicians want to look after the wellbeing of The Establishment and the Financial Institutions because it is those to whom the government and politicians answer – and it is those companies who will supply very rewarding future positions for these politicians when they retire from politics (and from raping the Nation).

It is the height of stupidity to allow temporary politicians, who have been given uncontrolled political power, to destroy the future of the citizens by making decisions for the benefit of the few elite.

It is important to understand that merely protesting about the NHS sell-off – yet another #SingleIssue – will NOT help to #ChangeTheSystem – and that is what is required – a complete change of political system to Democracy 1.0. Politicians should never have been given uncontrolled political power – by which they line their own pockets and that of their supporters and financial backers. The citizens should ALWAYS be in a position to not only block this type of treacherous and criminal activity by politicians but also be in a position to actually punish those politicians for even attempting to sell the nation out.


Finally (nearly!)

Unfortunately, the Feudal Democracy political system itself encourages a short-term, easy-way-out, kick-the-can-down-the-road, paper-over-the-cracks, cover-up-trouble, sweep-everything-under-the-carpet decision making mentality of those in power. This is one of the more dangerous flaws, among many, of any undemocratic political system – as these feudal political systems are.

This also allows the politicians to make decisions for the benefit of themselves and their associates which will be utterly destructive for the citizens – over time. But they will not pay the price for their treachery – they will merely receive large and generous pensions – paid by the citizens – paid by the victims.

This is not only inevitable, not only cyclically repetitive, but also continuous – AND deteriorating – year after year, government after government, lying self-centered conniving shallow corrupt politician after lying self-centered conniving shallow corrupt politician.


We the citizens are paying for this inevitable National destruction – now, in Public Funds, and in the future with poverty and chaos.

The terrible fact is, that this inherent dysfunctionality will continue – with things even getting WORSE – until Feudal Democracy is replaced with a truly democratic political system – where the citizens will always have a method of having the FINAL SAY in all decision making, if that is their wish. In other words – until real Regime Change comes about.

In these so-called democracies nothing less than Regime Change can bring a true democratic political system under which the citizens can live freely – not as victims. It is an unfortunate fact that in these dysfunctional Nations the citizens still haven’t realised that merely changing politicians – similar to changing a savage slave master – is utterly pointless – for the slavery continues.

Somehow citizens must come to realise that it is the system itself which needs changing – anything less will not achieve a permanent positive workable democratic political system. See Changing The Political System for a more detailed description. The longer it takes for citizens to realise this the worse off they will become and the more difficult it will be to change things.


The Solution – Democracy 1.0

In a true Democracy 1.0, enshrined and implemented by a Constitution 1.0, the citizens MUST always have a method, both controlled and regulated, of blocking and overturning any and all decisions made by politicians which are to the detriment of the citizens. They must also be able to punish those politicians, if and when required.

The citizens in a true democracy must have the power and method of saying to the politicians – NO, you cannot make decisions which will bring destruction upon our heads. This is one of the handful of MINIMUM requirements for any political system to be justifiably described as being a truly democratic one.

See my general minimum outline for a true Democracy 1.0  and how it should be organised.


Time For Change?

Although Egypt has not become a democracy in the true sense, the Egyptians have shown the way as regards how a people must rise up and be seen to defy those who abuse their power and authority to the detriment of the citizens.

The question is: are there any citizens in the ‘West’ who have even come to the conclusion that the political system in place is NOT a democratic one.  If they ever do so will they be as brave and as determined as the Egyptians. If not, then the citizens of the ‘West’ deserve the servitude they are destined to remain in. The problem in the ‘West’ is that the citizens are still unaware that they live in a dictatorship in all but name. I have explained why it is difficult to rise up in a ‘democracy’ in other blogs.

This is not the time yet to physically ‘rise up’ – a group of people demonstrating without any real well formed targets and policies is just a pointless waste of time, as Occupy Wall Street has aptly demonstrated. Until the citizens fully understand the political system it is actually counter-productive, as proven by the Egyptians (see Why Revolutions Fail). Unfortunately, Egypt has also proved this point. Revolution without understanding what a true Democracy is and how it sould be organised is not only destructive but the results can be catasptophic beyond description. Sadly, Egypt, and the Egyptian citizens, may never have a democracy for decades or even longer.

But now IS a time to begin to understand the true nature of Feudal  Democracy; to begin to understand that fundamental changes – in fact, Regime Change – are required. Anything less is useless. Not IS the time for citizens to begin to coalesce into a citizen force of such magnitude it can demand – AND OBTAIN – a true democratic political system for themselves – for THEIR long-term benefit, and that of future generations.

It is time for citizens to stop kicking the can down the road – to stop accepting the passive servitude of Feudal Democracy. At least start the ball rolling by using the term #ShamDemocracy in your daily life.

Please help to pass this message on.

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It is important for all oppressed citizens to thoroughly understand feudal-democracy at a fundamental level, and how it controls and enslaves them while making it appear as if the system is democratic.

Knowledge is power and to remain ignorant of how you are being manipulated and controlled is to guarantee that you remain manipulated and controlled and POWERLESS.

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A revolution must start by first understanding, then agreeing a solution, then action to begin installing a true democratic system. It is relevant for all feudal-democratic nations, including but not limited to the USA, UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Germany, Australia, Belgium, and many other nations.

Lou Gogan


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